Alchemy stars codes

Alchemy Stars Codes (2023 January)

If you are looking for Alchemy Stars Codes, you are in the perfect place. Alchemy stars gift codes allow players to get premium items like 5,000 Nightium, rewards, and anonymous Gifts.

After Redeeming Alchemy Star wiki codes players will get a chance to explore the lights in this Exciting New adventure game. Alchemy stars is a multiplayer, adventure, and role-playing game developed by Level Infinite.

Alchemy Star Codes


These codes are also called Alchemy Stars Cheat codes, Alchemy Star cheats and Alchemy stars wiki codes. Also, remember that these redeem codes of Alchemy stars may expire in the future, so try to use these codes as early as possible.

We suggest you mark or bookmark this page for future Alchemy Stars redemption code updates. We will post any new code about Alchemy Stars here, so you do not miss any critical updates.

Latest Codes:

  • alchemyfanart
  • Alchemycosplay
  • alchemyweek2
  • alchemyweek3
  • BIRTHDAYCON: Redeem this code in the Alchemy Star game for free rewards.
  • ANNIVERSARY0602: Redeem this code in the Alchemy Star game for free rewards.
  • ASTH2022VD: Redeem this code in the Alchemy Star game for free rewards.
  • ASTH2022CNY: Redeem this code in the Alchemy Star game for free rewards.


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Expired Codes

  • alchemyfanart
  • grace0
  • Asyouwish
  • lumopolis1202
  • Stone Forces
  • Alter Blade
  • Hired Gunner
  • alchemystarslatam001
  • alchemystarslatam002
  • alchemystarslatam003
  • alchemystarsbr01
  • The Divine
  • alchemyweek2
  • alchemyweek3
  • alchemycosplay
  • ASTH2022
  • Lighttower1
  • queen1
  • northland0
  • ocean
  • manticore brooch
  • TirHotel100
  • whiplash
  • the divine
  • Scarlet Lette
  • bonacie
  • sunshine
  • summer
  • oddjobs
  • sakaeblade
  • dawnflower
  • istvan
  • theseed
  • alchemystars


  • Free built-in items
  • Free Star Flares
  •  General Jaspers
  • Free Nightium
  • Free Gifts

How to Redeem codes of Alchemy Stars?

Alchemy stars codes redeem

Use these simple steps to redeem the alchemy star code.

  • ⏩On your smartphone, launch the Alchemy Stars game.
  • ⏩Stages 1–9 must be completed.
  • ⏩Select the! icon and scroll all the way to the bottom of the events tab.
  • ⏩Select the ‘Code Redeeming Center’ option.
  • ⏩Check your mailbox after entering your code.
  • ⏩Enjoy the Rewards.

How to get new Alchemy Stars codes?

New codes are released on the official social channels of the Alchemy stars like Alchemy stars Reddit, Wiki, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and there is no need to go there because we will update all codes on our site.

The most straightforward approach to obtaining the Latest Alchemy stars gift codes is to save this page, as we will add new redemption codes to the list as soon as they become available, ensuring that you do not miss out on any prizes.


This was all about alchemy stars codes, wiki, and redeem guides. For more alchemy stars wiki and Reddit codes bookmark apkbody. You can comment below if you have any questions about alchemy stars.

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