Anime journey tier list

Anime Journey Tier List (NEW) – Best Ranked Classes

Anime Trip is one of the most popular Roblox video games, and it was created by the Anime Trip By CL Game Workshop. If you are an anime journey game lover and looking for an Anime Journey Tier list with best-ranked classes then you are at the right place. The anime journey classes tier list will help players to go ahead in the game by knowing the best classes in anime journey.

Anime Journey Tier List – Best Classes


There are 7 classes available in the anime journey game. Our anime list classes consist of S Ter, A Tier, and B Tier. Players can select classes from the given classes.

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anime journey tier list

S Tier list

These are the best characters in the game.

  • Magna Class
  • Vegeta Class

Anime Journey A Classes List

These are the Strong Characters in the anime journey game.

  • Jonathan Class or Jonathon Joestar Class
  • Renji Class
  • Luck Class

Anime Journey B Classes list

These are the Average Characters of the game but are not as good as A-TIER.

  • Chad Class
  • Kuririn Class

Anime Journey Classes Tips and guides

  • Decide on a specific time to play the game. Make sure you have enough time to thoroughly enjoy the experience because anime travel games are frequently pretty immersive.
  • Focus on the narrative and the characters. There are a lot of anime adventure games with intricate plots and well-rounded characters. Spend some time getting to know the characters and their reasons since doing so will help you appreciate the game much more.
  • As necessary, take pauses. When playing any game, it’s necessary to take breaks and rest, especially if you’re playing for an extended period of time. By doing this, you’ll be able to play longer and stay focused and involved.

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Hope this best team of anime journey will help you to win all levels of the game. For more updates make sure to bookmark apkbody. Comment below if you have any questions related to the anime journey.

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