Battle of warships cheats Hacks, secrets, codes

Battle of warships cheats, hacks, secret codes

Battle of warships cheats, codes, and hacks are used by players to skip the hard level of the games. Players usually use secret or redeem codes to skip new levels. The main reason behind using the battle of warship hack is the curiosity of the players to see new levels.

Battle of warship is an action game developed by a mobile GDC gaming company. Players also use the battle of warship MOD APK version for android and IOS to unlock all ships, items, diamonds, and money.

Battle of warships Cheats Hack codes for android and IOS


Anne Bonny (gunner): Level up the shifting attack and power.

Bolted torrent: For three rounds, a single target assault develops your own defense and defensive talents. Admiral, each port offers a variety of ships that you may construct; acquire blueprints to unlock them.

Dragon ship (assault): It will provide High dodge and quick speed, perfect for the middle.

Lead Gunpowder: Splash damage is dealt surrounding the target of a single target strike. Players can also upgrade the smithy to make higher-level items. You can modify the name of the equipment to anything else.

Battle of Warships: code secret hack tips

  • By applying the above codes you will boast up your power. But use these tips as well
  • Fighting with stronger enemies will award you extra game rewards.
  • The skill combo will accrue if you utilize the same sort of skill repeatedly.
  • The greater the craft level, the better the outcome.
  • Once the combination or chain is utilized, the skill combo will be triggered.
  • Make sure to give power to your stations
  • By modifying the look of the equipment, you may alter its appearance.
  • Each blueprint you obtain can be used to make anything in the game.

Battle of warships cheats hack

Battle of warships cheats

Use money (dollars) and buy weapons and regular ships. Players can also upgrade their tools for fighting by using dollars.

  1. rUAzuTGdW3: Get dollars
  2. X1cMOGsvLR: Players can upgrade
  3. A1Etunjy2K: – Get free gold
  4. Rdmqpy0tOz: Players will be able to unlock ships
  5. iSCfzvu0zk: Redeem this code and increase attack damage
  6. 8NyiTfLRwQ: level up the game.
  7. zRVBWv4HRU: Get items

Enjoy this game and experience the taste of WWW1 and old battles. Also, check our battle of warships guides to keep yourself updated in the game.

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Hope after reading this guide you will achieve your target. You can comment below if you have any questions about the battle of warships.

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