Best Cookies For New Players

Best Cookies For New Players, Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run kingdom is a brand new game and gained a high reputation among the players. It is an exciting and fun addictive game with a lot of levels. If you want to join this superb game as a newbie, it can be a bit tough for you to handle the 60+ playback cookies selection at a time.

These Cookies are a preferable character in your game, it’s very difficult to compile all the cookies, but the player can comprise 5 cookies for their team building. Our latest new best Cookies will give you an infinite variety of playing. Also, check the PVE tier list of cookie-run kingdoms along with the best cookies for new players for better exposure to the game.

Cookie Charge Playable In A Game


Present condition total of 11 cookies are here, but a total of 8 cookies is Epic Rarity; it showed that the newbies would have to face trouble to unlock anyone. But as a newbie, you must purchase it with actual money. There are three cookies for a newbie player

  • Princess cookie
  • Muscle cookie
  • Ginger Brave

Epic Rarity in cookies

There are main six-plus rarities available in the cookies.

  • Epic
  • Special
  • Ancient
  • Rare
  • Common
  • Legendary

Mostly the powerful cookie is considered a top-listed rarity cookie, but this cookie is not available for new players. Some cookies are top-rated, and it’s a big hurdle to get these cookies as a newbie. On the other side, epic, rare and common cookies also comprise 58 cookies, and with these cookies, you can make a strong team as a player.

Best Epic Cookies to Build (List)

These Cookies are the best in their class and will be needed by every player, new and old. They offer flexibility with your team and are worth the investment to level them up. Cookie run kingdom active coupon codes are also a great source to o ahead in this game.

Strawberry crepe:

she provides an unbelievable protective shield for survival. This shield is specified for the special feature of damage reduction.


This cookie is used for the tank, barrier, and magic-user that must save the player with great manners.

Sorbet Shark:

 Incredible damage dealer in the cookie-run kingdom.


it’s an amazing cookie with a healing feature and introduced this cookie in the game as a single target damage supplier. In the PVP snipe unit, it’s a beneficial and amazing cookie.


This cookie grants an ever best healing and defense barrier powers. It works wonderfully.

cookie run kingdom list of cooies

Best Support Cookies In Cookie Run Kingdom:

Like the other game’s support characters in the cookie-run kingdom, infinite cookies play a role as support cookies. Some major supply of support cookies are mentioned here:

  • Supply healing
  • Buffs
  • Go away; the debuffs

The healer angle is one of the most common and powerful support cookies. Meanwhile, players also can collect the more supportive cookies in the game. If the player once gets the option to unlock the epic and rare cookies and they utilize these cookies, then more options will appear in the game.

Best Cookies


What is the best support cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

The healer Angle is the best support cookie.

Which is the best defense cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

Avocado Cookie is the best defense cookie run in the kingdom. Cookies are one of the most important things in Cookie Run.

If you want to build your castle quickly, you will need a lot of cookies as a new player check Lincorice cookie topping build and complete the cookie run kingdom guide.


This Cookie Run Kingdom game guide will tell you how to get free cookies and get them as quickly as possible. If you face any problems comment below.

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