Best Dungeon decks to play in Rush Royale

Best Dungeon decks to play in Rush Royale

Dungeons decks in Rush Royale game allow players to acquire gold and cards. Cards can easily be upgraded by using the best dungeon decks. Old CO-OP mode may now be removed from Rush Royale. There are many same functionalities between Dungeons and co-op mode.

There are also many negative points about dungeon reception. Hope it will be improved when new updates arrive. Getting the rewards after crossing the hard and harder level is the most fruitful thing for the gamers of rush royale. That’s why players stick to their tasks and try to get gold and gems in Rush Royale.

Also, check rush royale codes and card decks tier list for better game exposure. For this purpose, we are providing the best dungeon decks which every player should try in Rush Royale games.

Dungeon Decks Rush Royale Tier List


Because co-op mode is now old, as a player you may still want to control the damage. This can easily be done by focusing on one player. while your friends will play an important support role in the game. Shaman Card is very key in this regard. It will increase the formation level of random cards on your friend’s boards.

  • Reaper
  • Shaman
  •  Harlequin
  •  Mime

Dungeon Support Decks

These dungeon decks with trickster
  •  Harlequin
  • Mime with Trickster
  • Shaman
  •  Clock of Power

These decks with gadgets

  •  Shaman,
  • Harlequin,
  • Engineer,
  •  Mime

Dungeon DPS Decks

These are with Gadget


Portal Keeper,

Chemist with Gadget.

Blade Dancer

Knight Statue,

Dungeon decks to play in Rush Royale: Decks and characters with gadgets.

Best Dungeon decks to play in Rush Royale

  1. Knight Statue with Gadget.
  2. Sharpshooter.
  3.  Chemist.
  4. Engineer
  5.  Harlequin
  6. Portal Keeper
  7.  Scrapper
  8. Knight Statue.
  9.  Portal Keeper.
  10.   Scrapper with Gadget.

Scrapper with Gadget.

  • Inquisitor
  • Knight Statue
  • Chemist
  • Sharpshooter

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