Rush Royale Meta Decks

Best Rush Royale Meta Decks

One of the important Rush Royale Best Decks is Meta decks and we are providing you with the best Rush Royale Meta decks so that players can easily analyze all cards in the game. Unlocking the cards is very important in Rush Royale that’s why the Best decks and card characters are important in the Rush Royale game.

If you are looking for the best Meta decks for Rush Royale also check the best dungeon decks in rush royal that you can easily go ahead in the game by using the Rush Royale Tier List.

A new rush royale update is coming that’s why people using stasis decks instead of Ice mage and Hex decks. If you want to get free gifts along with Rush royale’s best meta decks then also check our rush royale codes, so that you can get free bonuses from developers.

Best Meta Decks in Rush Royale 2022


Here is the list of the best rush royale meta decks in the game. Just take guidance from the meta decks list and conquer your opponents in the game. In Rush Royale League 5 and League 6, the Stasis Inquisitor deck is one of the most popular. This deck’s core strategy is straightforward. Simply make four Rank 3 or 4 Inquisitors.

Stasis Inquistor Deck rush Royale


Rush Roayle Inquisitor Demonologist, Crystalmancer and Blade Dancer Dryad Decks

Rush Royale Inquisitor Demonologist Decks Crystalmancer Blade Dancer Dryad Decks
Stasis Crystalmancer Blade Dancer
Inquisitor Vampire Summoner
Demonologist Bombardier Mime
Harlequin Frost Dryad
Dryad Dryad harlequin
  • Crystalmancer Deck: is a Meta Deck and it is used to kill bosses. This deck provides damage to increase resets.
  • Blade Dancer Deck: this is also a meta deck and you can use this blade deck if you have legendary cards in the Rush game.
  • Inquisitor Deck: This deck is mostly used and you can use the inquisitor rush royale meta deck if you have many cards in the game. You can get free cards and rewards by using Rush Royale Promotional codes.

Wind Archer Deck Arena 9 Rush Royale

  • Executioner
  • Harlequin
  • Vampire
  • Bombardier

It helps in winning the matches and is the most important Arena 9 F2p deck.

Boreas Meta Decks in Rush Royale

This meta deck is also important and if you are a pro player, you will easily understand this.

  1. Boreas
  2. Harlequin
  3. Vampire
  4. Bombardier
  5. Executioner


Here are all the best rush royale meta decks in the game. For more rush royale updates keep coming to our site because we will add more information and facts about rush royale best decks. If you face any difficulty in applying rush royale codes and promotional codes then comment below.

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