Botworld Adventure tier list

Botworld Adventure Tier list 2023

Enjoy the Botworld Adventure offline and explore all characters using the Botworld Adventure Tier list. Make the perfect team of bots by using our Bot world Adventure characters guide.

Botworld Adventure is an adventure game developed by Featherweight. Players will explore the lovely and diverse landscape, rare scraps, forests, deserts, and new bots. A strong bot team is required to go ahead in the game.

Botworld Adventure Tier List – Best Team

Botworld guide and tier list are arranged so that being in the top tiers indicates that the characters are the best at their specialty. To be in the bottom tier suggests that better choices exist or that the player requires a specific build or team to succeed.

Botworld adventure S+ Tiers (Solo Carries)

  • Hypercharge
  • Icewall

S Tiers (Game turners)

  • Zap Tower
  • Gust
  • Supercharged Chaos Translocator

Very Good Botworld Tiers

Chaos Translocator
Team Translocator
Explosive Proximity Translocator

Good Botworld team

Barrier Wall
Ball Lightning

Situational Botworld tiers

Frost Misssile
Speed Boost
Charge Field
Lightning Rod
Proximity Translocator
Frost Tower
Poison trail
Poison Missile
Unstable Plasma

Botworld Adventure best team

Here is another tier list of this game taken from the Reddit platform. This list consists of S+, S, A, B, C, D, and F characters. Players can select their best team with the help of the given list.

Botworld Tier list
Botworld best team from reddit

Botworld Adventure Gift Codes






Just copy the codes from the given list and paste them into the redemption center of the game. If any codes do not work, then mention them in the comments section.

Final Thoughts

Hope our Botworld adventure best team tier list may help players get premium bots. Also, use the given gift codes to increase the chance of a big premium rewards.

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