Chrono legacy tier list best heroes

Chrono Legacy Tier List – Best Heroes Guide

If you want to win in the Chrono Legacy game then Chrono Legacy Tier list with the best heroes and characters is for you. Our latest Chrono legacy tier list with best characters will help all kinds of players to win the battle.

Chrono legacy is a role-playing game designed and developed by 37Games Global. Players will make s super-elite team in the game to defeat the Chrono pirates of the game. The main feature is that you can call legendary heroes like Alexander, Joan of Arc and Hanzo.

Our Chrono legacy characters and heroes guide will help players to determine their position of players by using Chrono legacy tier list. Players can also share levels with various heroes and can form alliances with other players to beat enemies.

Chrono Legacy Tier List – Best Heroes and characters


In chrono Legacy tier list, all characters and heroes are added after their enhanced performances. Players will utilize heroes’ abilities to deal with the enemies because the main purpose is to beat the enemy. Let’s move quickly to the best characters and heroes tier list of Chrono Legacy.

Chrono legacy S Tier List

Here is the best S tiers list of Chrono legacy.

Martha Tank
Subutai Warrior
Asoka Support
Dido Support
Shajar al-Durr Assassin


Chrono Legacy SS tier list

Alexander Warrior
Dracula Mage
Temujin Archer
Xerxes Tank

Chrono legacy Tier List – A tier

  • Arash–Archer
  • Masamune–Archer
  • Saladin–Warrior
  • Richard–Warrior
  • Timur–Assassin
  • Tomyris–Support
  • Elizabeth–Mage
  • Hippocrates–Support

Chrono Legacy Tier List – B tier

  • Cleopatra
  • Guiguzi
  • Boudica
  • Leonidas
  • Edward
  • Queen of Sheba

Chrono legacy tier list Reddit, Wiki and all new updates will be added here for players to pick the best heroes in the game.

Chrono Legacy Patch update notes

Here are the latest chron legacy patch notes and updates by developers.

  • Weekly Cards have been replaced by Activation Cards and Equipment Material Cards. If you have an unexpired Weekly Card in your purse right now, you’ll get the supplies based on how many days are left.
  • There is a new Diamond Card. The standard Diamond Card has been updated to the Advanced Diamond Card.
  • When you attain a particular number of AP, you can claim prizes.
  • Pay to gain access to the premium fund and receive additional massive prizes.
  • Seimei’s Memory, a new limited-time instance, is now available! It will open simultaneously with the Lucky Wheel event.

During the event, you can test Seimei’s memory. All competitors will be rated according to their highest Dmg Dealt in the previous stage.

What are Chrono legacy codes?

Chrono legacy codes are the gift rewards by developers to use in the game to get free diamonds, money and gems in the game.

Chrono legacy cheats are also used by the name of chrono legacy codes. Players can redeem Chrono legacy codes along with chrono legacy tier list and cheats to win the battles easily.


That’s all from Chrono Legacy Tier List, if you want more tier lists then bookmark our site for future updates and also check our new Adelamyth tier list

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