Cookie run kingdom tier list

Cookie run kingdom PVE tier list (NEW) – Best Cookies list

Cookie Run is an amazing game where players can build their lucky cookies and show their self-power. They build dreaming cookies for the establishment and get empowerment. They can test their luck in this game and develop their huge clan. To seek power, players must make new friends in Guild Battles.

The Devsisters Corporation developed this wonderful game, and there is a great list of cookies. Players have to collect many cookies and select which one is better for them. With the Cookie Run Kingdom PVE Tier List best cookies with characters and treasures you will be able to defeat your enemies and get various rewards.

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Cookie Run Kingdom PVE Tier List


Cookie run kingdom S-Tier List

For Vampire

  • Black Raisin,
  • Rye, Mango,
  • Sorbet Shark,
  • Parfait,
  • Strawberry Crepe,
  • Frost Queen cookies.

Cookie run kingdom B-Tier PVE List

For Pomegranate

  • Milk
  • Yam
  • Sparkling
  • Lilac
  • Madeleine
  • Twizzle Gummy
  • Moon Rabbit
  • Espresso
  • Poison Mushroom
  • Mint Choco
  • Kumiho Cookie.

Cookie run kingdom Treasures tier list A-Tier

For Herb, Almond, Tiger Lily, Latte, Pastry, Sonic, Tails, Mala Sauce, Raspberry, Squid Ink, Snow Sugar, and Cocoa Cookies.

Tier list for cookie run kingdom SS-Tier:

  • For Dark Choco
  • Pure Vanilla
  • Sea Fairy
  • Licorice
  • Hollyberry
  • Cotton
  • Pumpkin Pie

Cookie run kingdom characters tier list C-Tier

For Werewolf, Kumiho, Fig, Chili Pepper, Cream Puff, and Red Velvet Cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List for PvE

  • C-Tier: For Chili Pepper, Cream Puff, Werewolf, Sparkling, Purple Yam, Pomegranate, Poison Mushroom, and Kumiho Cookie
  • A-Tier: For Mango, Almond, Latte, Red Velvet, Pastry, Milk, Mala Sauce, Madeleine, and Snow Sugar Cookie
  • SS-Tier: Sea Fairy, Strawberry Crepe, Hollyberry, Pure Vanilla, Sorbet Shark, Pumpkin Pie, Frost Queen, and Cotton Cookie
  • S-Tier: Black Raisin, Licorice, Parfait, Mint Choco, Twizzle Gummy, and Raspberry Cookie
  • B-Tier: Tiger Lily, Lilac, Herb, Vampire, Rye, Espresso, Squid Ink, Dark Choco, Sonic, and Tails Cookie

Cookie run kingdom best cookies and Gameplay

The gameplay of Cookie Run Kingdom is super hilarious with the cookies building style and updated characters. To defeat the opponents, play fast and run concern. You can beat the enemies, get more power, and easily boost their level. In this game, various genres perform together and make it accessible for all gamers.

As mentioned above, the Cookie Run Kingdom best cookies for your ease and provides you with vast knowledge about cookies and how you can get and build cookies.

Benefits of cookies

Cookie run kingdom

Using the Cookie Run best cookies is very beneficial for you.

  1. This list gives an appropriate guideline for newbies
  2. For level increasing, it will help you which one of these cookies is best for you
  3. For boosting user experience, boost up their cookies tactics
  4. If you successfully choose the best cookie, it will help you save your precious time.


How do I use the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list?

If you are interested in running the PVP mode, you should choose the top tiers which are top listed because these tiers are super useful and perfect for your boost in the game.

 What are the best cookies in Run Kingdom Tier List?

These are the ever best cookies.

  • Pure Vanilla
  • Sea Fairy
  • Cotton

cookie run kingdom treasure tier list Reddit and characters are ever-changing lists. We will update all these treasures, guides, and characters again and again. So, keep visiting apkbody.

Also, check this PVE tier list new and updated.


In conclusion, we recommend all youngsters play Cookie Run because cookies help the player beat opponents with the selection of top-rated cookies. Meanwhile, it is a great game for those who love Kingdom PVE games and offers various difficulties for players to choose from, which makes it more fun for everyone.

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