Death road to canada cheat codes

Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes

Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes, console commands, and IDs grants you advanced levels without any difficulty with the great significance and latest improvements. The console command in the game is the main factor for using these cheats. When you are willing to use the promo codes and cheats in conjunction, you must use the command console.

For the great span of life, cheat codes help the player; with these codes, you can get unlimited rewards and gifts. Players have to find a way and save their life. Hordes of zombies attack the player, and as a survivor, the player must have to try to find food items, water, and some powerful weapons.

Also, Check codes for Marvel contest of the championship. Cheat codes in the game provide you with long life and gifts.

About Death Road to Canada


It was released as a 2D pixelated game in 2018 and developed by well-reputed Rocketcat games. This game is about a man who is in trouble, and later on, he has escaped from the zombie apocalypse and made their way toward Canada.

As a 2D pixelated game has an excellent features and quality of graphics. In the Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes, players can explore lots of things, places, towns, locations, cities, and other distinctive places where they can get huge articles for survival.

The game features an open world where the player can explore different locations and interact with NPCs to get quests or information about what’s going on.

For moving to Canada, the player needs various vehicles such as cars, trucks, bikes, etc. The player can get all vehicles one by one that is scattered around the map or buy from shops in towns and cities.

Console Commands and Cheat Codes

Here we shared with you some cheat codes and console commands for death road to Canada. These codes can be used as death road to Canada cheat engines, PS4, and cheat swiths

  • vl WEAPON: Unlimited Ammo
  • X trunk-foo+ : Dump weapons
  • X pchar.STAT! :  Spawn in the middle of the room
  • road{ X to road-trip-days }   special characters
  • pchar X add-bullet/rifle/shell  Amino
  • road{ 15 to road-trip-days tradeevent } Get road trips
  • pchar.SPECCHARify : Quick Road
  • road{ trade event } : You can dump anything
  • regiondef{ traderhere }
  • char-gen to recruitee recruited
  • mission{ siege-over }
  • X pchar.STAT! : Adds X amount
  • foo .drift
  • road{ X to road-trip-days }
  • roomgen{ X .zombspawn }
  • X LOOT_FOO pchar .lootamt!
  • gstats{ X zombop+! }
  • regiondef{ trader inside }
  • road{ foo }
  • vl zomb, vl skel

Death road to canada cheat codes

Item Ids



Slug Shotgun

Big Dawg



Baseball Bat








Cowboy Rifle

Hunting Rifle

Dolt 45 Pistol

Cricket Bat

Aluminium Bat


Golf Club

Medievil Axe

Strong Katana

Knight Sword



Fire Axe


Beach Umbrella

Hocket Stick

Xtreme Hocket Stick

Mountie Hocket Stick

Cardboard Tube




Snubnose Pistol

Uzi (Pistol)



Frying Pan

Otaku Katana

Peice Of Woof



What Is Console Command, And How Is It Work?

Are you worried about the parameters of cheat and don’t know how to set all codes.? The command console is a cheat table that helps you to set cheat parameters when your game is running on your pc. Furthermore, consoles continuously work and collect all pieces of information and show all records of numbers and errors.

For program and Pc problems, the inquiry command console is the best solution and the negotiate the perfect results, use some keys as such page up and down keys.


Is Death Road to Canada free?

Yes! It is free for one month. You can enjoy it free of cost in this game. Death Road to Canada is a spawned road trip action RPG game.

 Is Death Road to Canada multiplayer on IOS?

Now Death Road to Canada Kidney is a mod version, and the new update is available on IOS. This latest version allows multiplayer play and is known as the Four Jerk Mod. Now, game lovers enjoy single or multiplayer modes.

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Death Road to Canada is a game that has been out for a while now. It is a game that has been praised for its humor and gameplay. The game is about driving from Florida to Canada, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to deal with zombies, bears, and other obstacles on the way.

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