Dungeon Boss Heroes Tier List

Dungeon Boss Heroes Tier List – Best Team Characters

Become a boss after using Dungeon Boss Heroes Tier List with the best characters in 2022. Our Dungeon boss tier list best heroes guide will help players to achieve the following levels in the game by knowing the best heroes and characters.

Dungeon Boss Heroes is a Role-playing game designed and developed by Boss Fight Entertainment. Players in this game will try to become the boss after battling hard. In Dungeon boss, gamers will also assemble their best team and try to upgrade their character’s ability to defend their dungeons.

Our Dungeon boss heroes characters and tier list guide will help gamers to know the power and strength of heroes by using the Dungeon boss tier list. Discover several warzones and lead your squads in battles versus ferocious monstrous bosses.

Dungeon Boss Heroes Tier List – Best Characters


We divided characters into Gold, silver, Bronze, and legendary. Bronze is the lowest, and Legendary character is of high class. Let’s go to the Dungeon boss heroes tier list so that players can use unrevealed best characters and heroes in the game.

  • Exhumed Alrakis–Legendary
  • Abigail the Brutal–Gold
  • Admiral Kreel–Silver
  • Agnon–Gold
  • Alexandros–Silver
  • Augustus–Bronze
  • Balog the Loud–Silver
  • Archangel Emily –Gold
  • Archon–Legendary
  • Aria–Legendary
  • Balur–Legendary
  • Bauble–Silver

Here is some more dungeons boss heroes’ best characters list for gamers to achieve big in the game.

Bovus El Doro Silver
Black Diamond Silver
Chief NubNub Silver
Cobressa Gold
Craw Legendary
Crucible Legendary
Cruel King Bramble Legendary
Dagrund Blacksmoke Gold
Storm-Forged Dhaegon Legendary
Deadeye Gold

You can select from these dungeon boss legendary heroes and best characters list to gain levels in the game.

  • Slasher Drakk–Legendary
  • Ekko–Bronze
  • General Krexx–Gold
  • Ella Ametryst–Bronze
  • Ember Sanguine–Gold
  • Emperor Zulkodd–Legendary
  • Ferno–Gold
  • Goretusk–Gold
  • Grettle–Legendary
  • Grog-Gnog–Legendary
  • Grondar–Legendary
  • Hagrim Felhorn–Gold
  • LongJohnsuke–Gold
  • Harbinger the Terror–Legendary
  • Icepick–Gold
  • Ignus the Mad–Silver
  • IGOROK–Legendary
  • High King Valkin–Legendary
  • Hopper–Gold
  • Icebloom–Gold

Here is some dungeon boss best team you can pick from the given tier list.

King Yorick
Kelpy Shells
Kai Makani
Jin Lei
Jibber Clenchjaw
Jabber Clenchjaw
  • Koros–Gold
  • Kozar Bonebreaker–Gold
  • Lady Nimriel–Silver
  • Leonidus–Gold
  • Life Reaper Brom–Silver
  • Grove Guardian Lily–Legendary
  • Lord Zomm–Legendary
  • Lorelei–Legendary
  • Lumin the Radiant–Legendary
  • Lupina–Gold
  • Malice–Gold
  • Mangle Jaw–Bronze
  • Marrow–Silver
  • Masuta Kira–Gold
  • Miko the Marvelous–Legendary
  • Mire–Legendary

Dungeon Boss Heroes Tier list Wiki

Dungeon boss heroes’ best team tier list is continued for picking the best characters.

  • Viperia
  • Vulcan
  • Zurk
  • Willow Swift
  • Yan Luo
  • Yasmin Bloom
  • Yokozuna
  • Zen
  • Zola

Please note that this dungeon boss’s best team tier list is according to some experts on the web. Your analysis may be different from ours. So you can make the best team list of your choice.

Dungeon Boss Heroes Tips and Features

  • Dungeon Boss also features a skill system similar to Final Fantasy’s Materia system, where each hero can equip up to four skills at once.
  • The skills are divided into different categories: attack, defense, magic, and utility. There are also other types of equipment that can be equipped on your heroes, such as swords, armor, rings, and more
  • Dungeon Boss Heroes is a free-to-play fantasy strategy RPG that puts you in charge of your dungeon.
  • You’re tasked with building your dungeon and training an army of monsters to protect it from enemy raids.
  • There are tons of excellent character classes and heroes to collect in Dungeon Boss Heroes, each with unique abilities and skillsets.
  • You can also upgrade them with better gear to make them even more powerful.
  • In addition to boosting your heroes, you can upgrade your dungeon by adding new rooms and building different facilities.

What is Dungeon Boss Gift Codes Wiki?

Developers released these codes to give gamers free gifts and rewards in the game. Here are some Dungeon Boss Bumped codes.

[su_highlight background=”#283a03″ color=”#ffffff”]Before using remove the #[/su_highlight]

  • #18027385
  • #18014974
  • #17953325
  • #17990404
  • #17971343
  • #17949744
  • #17952736
  • #17941146

Dungeon Boss Heroes Update

At the moment, there is a happy Limerick day, according to the dungeon boss’s official Facebook page.

I hope you will go to high levels by our dungeon boss’s best team characters list. For more updates and tier list, bookmark our page and also check our new Auto Heroes Tier List

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