Eternal Return tier list

Eternal Return Tier List 2023 (NEW) – Best Characters

We carefully selected the Eternal Return black survival tier list for all kinds of players. Eternal return black survival is a battle game developed by combining MOBA, Battle Royale, and survival genres.

Eternal Return Black Survival Tier List

Here is our latest eternal return black survival tier list. Season 7 eternal return characters are the most famous. Season 6 is also famous. Let’s explore all.

Black Survival tier list S

These are the most lethal weapons and the highest win percentage in the game. With the help of these characters, you’ll be able to get through the game much faster.

CharacterWinning RateWeapon
Aya8.7%Assault Rifle
Jackie7.55%Dual Sword

Eternal Return Tier A characters

These eternal return characters are less powerful than S characters. Although, you can still use these heroes.

CharacterWinning RateWeapon
Isol7.0%Assault Rifle

Eternal Return Tier B characters List

They are also valuable, Regular, and acceptable. They do have some utility, therefore they are not completely useless.

CharacterWinning RateWeapon
Yuki5.66%Two-Handed Sword

Eternal Return Tier C characters List

Tier C characters must be used in grave situations and if needed. Due to its low success ratios.

CharacterWinning RateWeapon
Li Dailin4.10%Glove

Eternal Return Tier D characters List

These are of no use. Do not use them if you want to win the game.

CharacterWinning RateWeapon


F level

These are useless. There is no need to explain.

  • Barbara

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What is Eternal Return Tier list Reddit?

Here is another eternal return tier list of Reddit that you can use.


Relevant Tier Lists:

What are Eternal Return Characters?

Eternal Return characters are the heroes in the game, which players utilize to accomplish different tasks in the game. Each character has its own abilities, powers, and skills. That’s why the eternal return tier list is used to determine the skill level of each character.

What are the best characters in Eternal Return?

Tier S characters in Eternal Return are the best in the game, including Aya, Fiora, Luke, and Jackie.

Who is the useless character in Eternal Return?

Barbara is the game’s weakest hero in Eternal Return.

What are the main advantages of using the Eternal Return Tier List?

The Eternal Return Character Tier List assists players in selecting the greatest characters in the game and improving their performance.

Final Verdict

I hope this finest Eternal Return squad can help you win all stages of the game. Make sure to bookmark apkbody for future Eternal Return updates. If you have any queries about Undertale Eternal Return, please leave a comment below.

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