Flickering Flame Runeword Diablo 2 Resurrected

Flickering Flame Runeword, Diablo 2 Resurrected

Flame flickering Flame is a runeword-based helmet, and it’s pretty costly; it costs the equivalent of a Pul and a Vex, coming to patch 2.4 which are used in the strong Heart of the Oak runeword that Hammerdins favor. It’s an expensive cost for a fascinating idea for casters. It’s mainly for the fire source and druids.

Provide +3 fire skills and resistance to fire that can be pretty powerful and make this competitive with Nightwing’s Veil’s fire-based version. The fire aura that resists will allow you to free up other in-slot equipment that could be designated for fire resistance and can help with Hydras within Trav or Mephisto runs.

Flickering Flame Runeword Main purpose


It is the fourth runewords released by the developers after the season 1 ladder 2.4 patch of Diablo 2 resurrected game. It will help players to better understand the game and give them a chance to go ahead in the game with the latest technology.

Highlighted stats of the flickering flame runeword

Flickering Flame Runeword

It is a very impressive Diablo 2 new Ladder Runeword for any character that deals with fire damage. Let’s go over the primary stats for the Flickering Flame runeword in Diablo 2: resurrection.

Level 8 Resistance Fire Aura when equipped.

The level 8 resistance to a fire provides the 106-percent resistance to fire. If you utilize this on the fire sorceress, fire druid, or bowa, you don’t need to be concerned about the fire resistance between the torch and the resist fire in this helmet. Perhaps, like placing hands, you’ll be able to have 75% of the fire in hell. You’ll get around 80 since you’re able to produce max fire. Therefore, you’ll not have any issues with the fires. They can counteract the lack of resistance to fire on the Spirit. In all honesty, the 106 fire resistance is quite a lot.

+3 To Fire Skills

You can choose an ethereal sorceress or a fire bowazon. It is likely to have more damage than Shako. Of course, you don’t possess the damage reduction, life mana, and magical resistance equipped with Shako. However, +3 fire skills are pretty interesting. Let’s consider Druid Pelts as an example. If you could locate a +3 to the volcano, 3 to the fisher to 3 armageddon Drupal, and then play Flickering Flame. It’s a total of 6 to go to the volcano and six to Armageddon. It’s likely to cause more damage than Ravenlore.

-13% Enemy Fire Resistance

The card that was rumored to be in circulation showed the range between negative ten and negative 15. This means you can reroll it many times to make sure you get the perfect roll. Also, check the best farming spots in diablo 2 resurrected game for better gaming exposure.

+88 To Mana

The +88 mana per mana ratio is fantastic. Consider fire sources; if using Shako, you’ll get lots of mana and plenty of other life. The added life damage reduced the form of me. However, the added 88 mana counteracts the effect.

+5% to Maximum Fire Resist

Fire resistance is derived from the Vex rune. You’ll be having no trouble obtaining 85 reses based on your build.

+30% enhance defense

It increased defense that comes as a result of Pul rune.

 +30 Defense Vs. Missile

This missile defense comes from Nef Rune.

Half Freeze duration

The fire sorcerer’s traps of fire and a fire druid won’t worry about whether they’re frozen or not. Fire bowazone won’t be concerned about if it’s frozen. However, it’s likely to use black frost. It’s not an important statistic.

Poison Length Reduced to 50 Percent

The poison res is a waste on bail runs. For more codes, games, apps and game guides make sure you stay tuned to apkbody.

Diablo 2 Resurrected: How to Make Flickering Flame Runeword

Flickering Flame Runewor

The Flickering Flame Runeword is a three-socketed helmet that requires the Nef, Pul, and Vex Runes. While the presentation for this Runeword was performed using a Diadem, it may be made with just about any white base headgear with three slots. For making flickering flame follow the following order

  • NEF
  • PUL
  • VEX

For more Diablo 2 resurrected skills, check our complete guide on this game.

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Cons for the flickering flame word

The flickering flame is a fantastic helmet, and it could be meta-shifting for fire builds unless you’re looking for a magic-finding Shako. In the general condition of fire builds, they struggle due to the tough immunities they face in the game.

There are usually several options to overcome the issue with other designs. The fire in the majority of situations is not very appealing until you get to Infinity, and at that point, you’ve already got the end-game gear.

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