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Guardians of cloudia codes (NEW)

Test your DIY skills by using Guardians of claudia codes. Collect pets with one hundred plus types of varieties of pets. Redeem Guardians of cloudia gift codes to explore the vast 1V1 and 1V5 battles and win the war with comfort. Players can only dominate the battle area only by utilizing all the resources the developers provide.

About Guardians of cloudia


It is a role-playing game developed and designed by NCO CRAFT LIMITED. Before you begin, consider what kind of life you want to have as a result of this grand adventure. All classes and builds are under your command. There are five fundamental classes that cover melee, ranged, physical, magical, and all types of combat. At least two advanced classes are offered in each class. DIY your own construction using a free skill.

Quick Tips

  • Try to lead the fashion icon with unique styles
  • Catch the perfect wedding to create an affection
  • Create proper plans and tactics before working.
  • Utilize allmPVE modes

The Guardians of Cloudia codes

  • GOCM2022M: Redeem for special rewards.
  • GOC777: Redeem for 10 Sacred Windbells, 100,000 Goldleaves, and 100,000 Silverleaves.
  • GOC999: Redeem for rare gifts including a Treasure map, 100,000 Silverleaf, and 100,000 Goldleaf.
  • GOC888: Redeem for special goodies like as ten Azure crystals, one hundred thousand Silverleaf, and one hundred thousand Goldleaf.
  • GROWUP22: Redeem for 5 Sacred Windbells, 200 Diamonds, and 5 Outfit Vouchers.
  • MAKEAWISH: Redeem for Sacred Windbell x10 and Christmas Blessing Theme.
  • WORLDGOC: Redeem for exclusive incentives.
  • RUNRUNRUN: Use and get free Rewards.
  • GCNGOC201: This code will give you diamonds and leaflets.
  • SAILOR: This new code will give you the Treasure Map, Windbell, Goldleafs, and Silverleafs.
  • GOCTREASURE: You will be rewarded with 10x Sacred Windbell, 100k Goldleaf, and 100k Silverleaf.
  • GOC777: You will be rewarded with 10x Sacred Windbell, 100k Goldleaf, and 100k Silverleaf.

Expired Codes

  • POWER: Redeem for special goodies.
  • SAILOR: Redeem for a Treasure Map x5, a Windbell x2, Goldleaf x200k, or a Silverleaf x200k.
  • GOCHOT22: Redeem for special incentives.
  • GOCFIX: Redeem for special rewards.
  • ACCOMPANY: Redeem for special incentives.
  • RUNEPOW: Redeem for special prizes.
  • CAMPFIRE: Redeem for special benefits.
  • GONGXINI: Redeem for exclusive benefits.
  • COMPASS22: Redeem for special prizes
  • GOCFMD: Redeem for three Sacred Windbells, one Goldleaf, and one Silverleaf.
  • VLTEDLOVE: Redeem for a bouquet of roses x5, a diamond x100, an outfit voucher x2, or a goldleaf
  • VIP666: Redeem for special prizes
  • GCNGOC201: Redeem for one Sacred Windbell, one Bound Diamond, one Goldleaf, one Pet EXP, and one Mystery Chest.

Redeem Method

Here is the method of how to redeem guardians of cloudia codes to get free diamonds, gems, gold leaves and silver leafs.

  • First of all open the game
  • Then go to Benefits on top right side
  • Now select redeem option
  • Now you will see a redeem button
  • Enter the codes there
  • Enjoy free rewards by these coupon codes.

TO REDEEM Guardians of Cloudia CODES


Guardians of Cloudia CODES

You can find all codes for this game on the Guardian of cloudia official Facebook page. 


Guardians of Cloudia CODES


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Excellent up until now, and I’m a paid player who can’t log into my server and can’t get a response from customer service, so I’m afraid I’ve lost my account. This game is fantastic, but it frequently kicks me out and has connection problems.

I’ve gone through a lot of games in search of one that I truly enjoy playing. This game is a lot of fun, haven’t stopped playing it since downloaded it. Am just wanted to express my gratitude to whoever created this game because it’s extremely difficult for me to find a game that I enjoy playing.

Download Guardians of Cloudia from play store

Guardians of cloudia update

Cloudia’s Voice is still active!
It’s now or never to speak up. At the same time, you may vote for your favourite voice.
Come to our music festival for a chance to win some great prizes! Don’t miss out on this amazing chance!
Also, please keep in mind that, because this is an event to discover hidden beautiful voices, those who do not meet the event’s requirements or who are not performed in person by the Skywalkers will be removed from the displaying/ranking list.
Let’s have a good time at the event.
Please upgrade to the newest version from the respective shops to preserve the optimal gaming experience following the update and in-game tweaks. Here is the post


Hope these codes of guardians of cloudia may help you. Thanks for reading. If you face any problems please tell us in the comment section. We will try to resolve it.

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