Chaning name and avatar in game of sultans

How to change avatar, name in game of sultans

Game of sultans is a very famous game for IOS and android. There are many amazing new features added to the game. One of them is to change the avatar and name in-game of sultans. Players can switch from a male avatar to a female avatar.

If you want unlimited characters and everything then try the Game of sultans MOD version. However, in this article, we will show you how to change avatars in-game of sultans.

After changing, the name players will need gift codes for the game of sultans to go ahead in the game. Let’s talk about the main method.

Changing the avatar and name in-game of sultans

Players can change one free name in the form of an item, at the start of a game of sultans. Follow this method

  1. Go to the mailbox and tap on the icon at the bottom right of the screen. See the images below.
  2. You should receive a welcome letter after you open your mailbox. It’s labeled ‘Congratulations Message.’ You are given certain initial things when you join the game, such as gold, soldiers, and a new name. Make a claim on these objects so that they may be added to your inventory.

Change name and avatars in game of sultans


  • Remove your backpack and open it. The bag symbol at the bottom of the screen is what you’re looking for. Look for the item ‘Renaming Card.’ Choose ‘Use’ after selecting it.

Change name and avatars

After following these steps you can change your characters or names in the game. Hope this article will solve your problem. Please keep in mind that you can change your name once.

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