Immortal Taoists codes

Immortal Taoists gift codes

Immortal Taoists gift codes allow players to explore full functionalities of the game like treasures, herbs, and other magical gift items. This game is designed and developed by the Entrepreneur Game group.

Taoists – Idle Manga is for both android and IOS users. The game is available for download from the play store and app store. The latest working immortal Taoists codes to redeem in the 2022 list are given below to get spirit jade, free money, and unlimited cultivation.

Immortal Taoist game info


This game was released in 2019. and becoming popular these days because of the thrilling gameplay, graphics, high quality and suspense. Players will learn many skills during playing this game like kung fu technique and martial arts.

Immortal Taoists

Quick Tips

  • Earn daily reward on regular basis by logging in the game
  • Get rewards by solving the puzzles quickly
  • Always try to update your equipment

Redeem Method

Use this method for immortal taoist redeem codes.

  1. First of all, open the game to redeem immortal Taoist codes.
  2. Now tap on the avatar at the top-hand corner (left) of the screen.
  3. Now tap on it, and after tapping a new window will appear.
  4. Below this there is a sound effect in a text field.
  5. Copy and paste the code in the field, and click on the redeem button.
  6. If the code is correct then congrats, you will get new gifts from the developers.

Immortal Taoists codes (October 2022)

Here are the latest active immortal Taoists gift codes to redeem for players. Use these immortal Taoist codes to get food stones and other rewards.


Active Codes

c0dtyi: Use this gift code to get free spirit jade (New)
c0dqwe: Use this gift code to get free spirit jade (New)
todg888: Use this gift code to get free spirit jade (New)
c0d123: Redeem this gift code and claim free spirit jade (New)
c0dhkk: Redeem this gift code and claim free spirit jade

phi123: Use this code for Spirit Stone, Food, Iron, and token for inspection.


xianmingjue666: Use this code for Spirit Stone, Food, Iron, and token for inspection.


k23kf76: Activate this code for Spirit Stone, Food, Iron, and token for inspection.


lb4m8fa: Use this code for Spirit Stone


lcd8fs72: Redeem code for Iron and Marrow cleansing Dew.


nM22Bm: Redeem code for gifts


TcZB8i: Redeem code for coupon rewards.


RLN75DE91: Redeem code for rewards..


fbxiaozulibao666: Redeem code for Spirit Stone x 1000, Food x1000, Wood x1000, and Iron x1000


mfkf8888: Redeem code to get rewards from developers.


kungfu9999: Redeem code for 100 Reputation x3, Talent Pill x1, and Wander Pill x2.


Ve045Z: Redeem this Immortal taoists gift code to get rewards.


onestore666: Redeem this Immortal taoists code to get rewards


xmjh3yJj: Redeem this Immortal taoists code to get rewards


xmj0pUT7: Use this Immortal taoists gift code to get rewards


xmjthsc999: Redeem code for Spirit Stone 2000, Food x2000, Wood x2000, Reputation x200, Sect Contribution Token 500.


xmjEc2NS: Use code for Spirit Stone x1000, Food x1000, Iron x1000, and Beast Int. Pill x3.


xmj0V6np: Activate code for Spirit Stone x1500, Wood x1500, Iron x1500, Marrow-cleansing Dew.


sa9cnue: Redeem code for Marrow-cleansing Dew 5.


ps4andt: Redeem code for Immortal Beast Forage 10.


xa6kj2fn: Use this immortal taoists code for 3-Days Inspector Token 1.



Are there any immortal Taoist hack?

There are no legal immortal Taoists hack. But there is a solution. Players can download a cracked version of immortal Taoists to unlock the game and get full unlimited money.

Immortal Taoists hack

What is immortal Taoists MOD APK?

Immortal Taoists MOD APK is a modified or crack version developed by third-party developers. MOD APK version provides unlimited everything to the players.

How to get immortal Toaists redeem codes?

Redeem or gift codes of immortal toaist are released by developers on social media accounts like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. But we will update all the codes regularly on our site, so stay tuned to our site.

Are immortal Toaists Reddit codes good?

It may depend on the location of the players. Some codes get expired after some time. And some codes work for some players. So, keep checking codes. Some of the codes may work for new players.

Player reviews

Despite the fact that nearly everything must be purchased with spirit jade or money, the games are fantastic. What if you don’t have what you’re looking for? It’s available for $14.99, and to be honest, I don’t think it’s that good.

It’s a good foundation for a game, but it’s pay to win, and unless you’re ready to spend thousands of dollars, you won’t be able to join the top players quickly enough to reap the rewards. It’s entertaining, but I think it’s overly reliant on microtransactions; if they toned that down, it’d be a much more enjoyable experience, earning five stars. Still, it’s a four-star time drain for what it is.

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