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Licorice Cookie Toppings Build (NEW) – Cookie Run Kingdom

Licorice is one of the most popular epic and favorite cookie toppings. Before building a team, players need the strongest cookies. If you are a part of this game, you need primary legendary cookies to add to your team. But It can be used to make various cookies with different flavors.

Let’s move quickly to the licorice cookie toppings built-in cookie run kingdom game. Let’s move quickly to the licorice cookie toppings guide for all kinds of players.

Licorice Cookie Skill (Info)


In cookies run, the kingdom immediately subpoenas the two main cookies, Licorice servant and lightning, and with the influential spell shortly surge the defense and security of the party.

  • It will provide the 20 to 30 % Defense for 10 seconds.
  • There is 416.1% Single hit damage
  • Licorice Servants with 5% attack ability or 150% Defense and available with 50% Health.

Licorice Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom)

The game is a simple one requiring you to build the tallest tower possible with a limited number of cookies. As you can imagine, it’s not easy. The game starts with a few cookies like licorice cookies and an empty cookie jar. You then drag and drop different cookies from the top of the screen down to the jar. Here are some best epic cookies mentioned.

You’ll have a 0.05 percent chance of unlocking Licorice if you go through the Gacha in the game. Each Gacha pull costs 300 Crystals, which you may earn by purchasing them or playing the game. In cookie run, the kingdom licorice cookie is the most important and one of the best cookies. So, it is important to use it wisely.

licorice cookie cookie run kingdom

Epic Cookies Topping The List

  • Hard Walnut Topping: + DEF
  • Hearty Hazelnut Topping: +Crit Resistance
  • Solid Almond Topping: + DMG Resistance
  • Sweet Candy Topping: Boosts Buffs Power/Amplify Buffs
  • Bouncy Caramel Topping: + Attack Speed
  • Searing Raspberry Topping: + Attack
  • Swift Chocolate Topping: CD/Cooldown Benefit
  • Fresh Kiwi Topping: + Debuff Resistance
  • Juicy Apple Jelly Topping: + CRIT
  • Healthy Peanut Topping: + HP

Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

To get the bonus effect and high authority statics, you can train the various tools or equipment known as the topping in the cookies to run the kingdom. There are various toppings in this game, and you can utilize these toppings by repetition in story mode. If you want to utilize these toppings, you must follow the proper guideline.

  • Visit the cookie menu
  • Press on the cookies
  • After that, press the topping option
  • A new screen will have appeared in front of you
  • Now you can equip your favorite topping in the game.

If you choose the same kind of toppings, the superior set effects are activated in your game. The same kind of topping set is x2, x3, or x5.


What are the best toppings for licorice cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

The strongest topping in Licorice cookies is swift chocolate topping.

What toppings should players use for the Cookie Run Kingdom?

You can use various toppings, but here are some favorite toppings mentioned for your ease.

  • Fresh Kiwi Topping: + Debuff Resistance
  • Juicy Apple Jelly Topping: + CRIT
  • Healthy Peanut Topping: + HP


In conclusion, the Licorice Cookie Toppings Build is a great game for all ages. It has a simple and easy-to-understand premise, with a lot of replayability. It is not too difficult either, making it perfect for children and adults alike.

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Hope you will achieve your target after using this guide. You can comment below if you have any questions about Licorice cookie topping build in cookie run kingdoms.

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