Magical war gift codes

Magical War Gift Codes

Hello gamers, and welcome again to apkbody. We are providing Magical War Gift Codes to redeem for players so players can get Magical War to redeem code rewards from developers. In this game, gamers will try to make a unique strategy so that they can explore the superb fantasy of vying for the Genesis Rune.

Magical War is a strategy game designed and developed by Shunshui Technology. This Magical war gift code guide lists the latest codes for magical War for redemption. This videogame has novel fighting options that enable users to engage in real-time fights in Ranked matchups! AOE special effects will offer you a fantastic optical spectacle.

Our latest Magical War redeem codes list is for all kinds of gamers, and it will allow players to get gifts and bonuses from developers. Automatic PvE and Regular Asynchronous Matches provide several prizes.

Active Magical War Codes


Here are all the active and latest magical war codes to redeem for gamers. Just copy the code below and paste it into the redemption center of the game.

REXSKIN : Redeem this code for the Magical War game for gifts.

ANGELFBSKIN : Redeem this code for the Magical War game for gifts.

WAMZZJ1 : Redeem this code for the Magical War game for gifts.

  • CWMJ43Z79 → Redeem this code for the Magical War game for gifts.
  • FBLBTY85 → Use this gift code in the Magical War game for bonuses.
  • KJJY8VZX7 → Activate this gift magical war code for free gems.

How to redeem Magical War Gift Codes?

  1. Start playing the Magical War game.
  2. Now, select the profile option.
  3. Go to the redemption center now.
  4. Enter the sparkling fight gift code now.
  5. Confirm your redemption and claim your prizes.

FAQS for Gift codes of Magical War

What is a magical war code?

Developers hand out these vouchers during specific gaming events. You may use magical war cards for free merchandise. These coupons are only valid for a short time. Keep an eye out for more developer codes as they become available.

How to get new magical war codes for android and IOS?

Magical Wars’ primary social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wiki, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord server, have all been updated. You may save this page and return later to hunt for new twinkling battle gift codes. We will update this list when new redemption codes become available.

Magical War Game Features

  • Magical War is a one-of-a-kind strategy game based on a fantasy epic in which players compete for the Genesis Rune.
  • Join a club to meet new people and battle with them.
  • The game offers several types of battles: Automatic PvE, regular asynchronous matches, and head-to-head PvP matches. In addition, there are many ways to obtain prizes, including using diamonds and coins.
  • Automatic PvE Battles provide many prizes for free! You can easily win a lot of diamonds by playing this mode.
  • Regular Asynchronous Matches provide several prizes as well! If you fight against other players or work with your friends, you can get more diamonds than usual.
  • Head-to-head PvP Battles give you even more diamonds if you win! If you lose any battle, however, all the diamonds that were bet will be lost.
  • [su_highlight background=”#283a03″ color=”#ffffff”]Also check this video for magical war gameplay, giftcodes and tips for android, IOS and APK.[/su_highlight]


We hope these new redemption codes will enable players to reach their goals. For more magical war updates, bookmark our site apkbody and check our new Twinkle battle gift codes.

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