MU Origin 3 Redeem Codes

MU Origin 3 Redeem Codes

Explore the fantasy world using MU Origin 3 redeem codes and get free apples and diamonds. We regularly update our MU Origin 3 codes list whenever developers release new codes.

MU Origin 3 is a role-playing game developed by FingerFun Limited. Please note that MU Origin 3 redeem codes will work for a short time. That’s why we will consistently check for updates. Imagine yourself in the MU fantasy world and embark on an epic journey filled with risk and obstacles.

Let’s move quickly to the latest MU Origin codes list so players can get free apples and rewards. Our MU Origin 3 gift codes guide also consists of MU Origin redeem codes method, gameplay, and game features.

Redeem Method for codes of MU Origin 3


Here is the redemption Method for codes of mu origin 3. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Finish the tutorial in MU Origin 3.
  2. From the home screen, choose Miscellaneously.
  3. Scroll down and click the Coupon Code icon.
  4. Enter each MU Origin 3 Coupon Code one by one.
  5. Confirm your selection and get your freebies.

Active MU Origin 3 codes

Here are the latest MU Origin coupon codes for redemption. Copy the MU Origin redemption codes and paste them into the redemption center.

  • QJMU666 – Use this code to get a treasure map, soul crystal, 2x life crystal, Maya potion, 2x huge gold chest
  • MUVIP8888 – Use this code to get 500K gold, 5x junior random fluorite bag, 2x intermediate random fluorite bag

DEMON Use this code and get free rewards.

  • F4CER3G → Use this MU Origin 3 coupon code for free apples and diamonds. (Global Server)
  • D5SKURD → Use this coupon code for MU Origin 3 for diamonds and gifts. (Global Server)


TW/HK/MO server:

QJMU666: Use this code to obtain diamonds, apples, and other in-game goodies.


MUVIP8888: Using this code, you will receive 500K gold, 5x junior random fluorite bags, and 2x intermediate random fluorite bags.


Glide through the skies on incredible wings, or plunge to the sea’s darkest part.

All Mu Origin 3 redeem codes list.

All codes, such as diamond, redemption, apple, and new, will be updated here regularly. Stay tuned and keep visiting apkbody.

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How to get new MU Origin 3 Gift codes?

New gift codes for MU 3 Game are posted to their official Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social sites. Developers release promo codes on special occasions such as download milestones, events, and game updates.

Occasionally, developers will provide gift certificates via social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Discord.

[su_highlight] Watch this video for MU Origin 3 gift codes, gameplay, and useful redemption tips.[/su_highlight]

MU Origin 3 Features and Tips

  • MU Origin 3 is the next generation of MU Online. The game features a vast open world, intense PvP battles, and a deep storyline that will immerse you in Mu’s fantasy world.
  • Imagine yourself in the MU fantasy world and embark on an epic journey filled with risk and obstacles.
  • Soar across the sky on wondrous wings, plunge to the darkest depths of the seas, and charge through fields on terrible horses.
  • Coordination of strategies among allies is required to take various cities for prizes and reputation. Players can upgrade their equipment or purchase consumables to aid in future battles with these prizes.
  • Demon hordes upon demon hordes will stand before you as you fight through this harsh land.
  • As you travel the world, you will immerse yourself in an epic fantasy adventure full of risks and obstacles you must overcome if you want to survive.

That’s all about our MU Origin codes guide. Also, check our new Allstar Renovation Codes and bookmark apkbody for new codes update.

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