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Mythic Heroes Codes (2023)

If you are looking for Mythic Heroes Code, you are in the perfect place. Mythic Heroes codes allow players to get premium items like free diamonds and summon scrolls and diamonds.

Mythic Heroes is an Idle RPG game developed by IGG.COM. Mythic heroes is available to download on the play store for android devices, and on the app store for IOS users. It is also available to download on the official site of mythic heroes.

Mythic heroes Codes


Mythic heroes developers release new gift codes on special occasions. These codes are released on the social media platforms of Mythic heroes like Reddit, Wiki, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • OG1WE : Added on 17 December 2022
  • REH1W : Redeem code added on 17 December 2022
  • FAS12 : Redeem this gift code for rewards.
  • EHD3S : Use this code in the Mythic heroes game for free diamonds.
  • NGN4R : Redeem this code in Mythic heroes game for free diamonds.
  • FOGN3 : Use this code in Mythic heroes game for free diamonds.
  • JUD3I : Use this gift code in Mythic heroes game for free rewards.
  • BF4HT : Use this gift code and get free rewards.
  • ANNIVERSARY1 : Redeem this code for mythic heroes and get free rewards.
  • MH7777 : Redeem this gift code in mythic heroes for 3,000 Diamonds.
  • MH8888 : Redeem this code for mythic heroes and get free rewards.


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Expired Codes

  • OAM0H
  • WGO3S
  • FE2TN
  • SN5JH
  • QBE1D
  • EVJ2S
  • FN5K3
  • F3SDF
  • NTL4O
  • CCB2B
  • FB100K
  • GRR2W
  • NJ1RF
  • RGRS5
  • HBDIGG16
  • 3BV5A
  • D2H4H
  • SW3GC
  • Q9AF3
  • 8EUBF
  • CG1F3
  • XZ432
  • 9BV3G
  • 43XH8
  • 5V2GK
  • 8UYMF
  • 1CODES
  • CODES2
  • CODES1
  • 7TGDV
  • FFDG8
  • E8CL3
  • SH47G
  • HQUM1
  • YUME3
  • 5GS26
  • GVCE4
  • MYTH1
  • WBA2M
  • YQ44F
  • FLY4D
  • B35L4
  • 9DDBE
  • YZ5XM
  • 7ZDWM
  • MH8888
  • E5OVG
  • WL5UP
  • O8FYX
  • WZG7V
  • 76HLV
  • ISVQ6
  • LU93I
  • KVCQ9
  • DBKW6
  • 8LMVS
  • XMAS
  • JP3EX
  • XT34S
  • ZJAL8


  • Free Diamods.
  • Free scrolling
  • Free Gold
  • Premim rewards.
  • Built in premium items.

How to redeem codes?

Mythic heroes code redeem

Follow these simple steps to redeem codes for mythic heroes.

  • ⏩On your smartphone, launch the Mythic Heroes game.
  • ⏩Tap on the avatar symbol in the top-left corner to redeem the gift code in Mythic Heroes.
  • ⏩Enter the gift code there to receive freebies.

About Mythic Heroes

Players assume the roles of fabled heroes in the tactical role-playing game Mythic Heroes, each with their own special talents and abilities, and guide them in the battle against foes and other players.

Players can gather and upgrade a variety of heroes throughout the game, each with its own special skills and characteristics. After then, players can build a team with these heroes and engage in difficult combat and quests. The game offers a number of gameplay options, such as cooperative multiplayer games, player-versus-player battles, and single-player campaigns.

The tactical gameplay of Mythic Heroes is one of the game’s distinguishing elements; in order to succeed in battle, players must carefully choose which heroes to use and where to place them. In order to tip the scales of battle in their favor, players can employ a range of tactics, such as setting up ambushes or casting spells and special abilities.

Overall, Mythic Hero is a terrific mix of tactical gameplay, hero gathering, and multiplayer combat that is entertaining and demanding. Mythic Heroes is unquestionably a game you should check out if you appreciate tactical role-playing games and the thrill of leading a group of strong heroes into combat.


This was all about mythic Heroes’ gift codes and guides. Bookmark apkbody for new mythic heroes’ codes and updates. You can comment below if you have any questions regarding the mythic heroes’ idle RPG game.

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