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Never After (Tales Noir) Tier List – Best Characters

Never After (Tales Noir) is a role-playing game with many classes and characters. If you are looking for the never-after tier list for the strongest partner to use then you are at the right place. There are many Fantasy characters in the game that you will experience like Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, Red Hiding Hodd, and many more.

If you are playing Never After (Tales Noir) for the first time then you may not be familiar with the best classes and heroes in the game. That’s why we have listed the best characters in our Never After Tier list. There are almost 100 collectible character partners in this game.

The game consists of 5 classes in the game Sorcerer Class, Hunter Class, Assassin Class, Knight Class, and Musician Class. This never-after best character list will help you to understand all classes. Let’s move quickly to the Never after tier list and the best classes in the game.

Never After/Tales Noir Tier List – Best Characters


Some never-after characters are of the higher class and some are of the lower class. But it is up to the players how to use never-after characters in a skillful way. This tier list consists of S, A, and B tier lists.

Never After S Tier

  • Mad Hatter Rand
  • Castle Beauty Betty
  • Long-Haired Princess Penny
  • Beast Prince Mars
  • Mermaid Princess Carol

Never After A Tier

  • Wonderland Princess Alice
  • Sleeping Beauty Lilian
  • Prince Charming David
  • Little Red Riding Hood Lucy

Never After B Tier

  • Match Girl Doris
  • Little Glass Slipper Cinderella
  • Snow White Margaret

Never After Classes

As discussed earlier here are the Never after classes.

  • Sorcerer Class
  • Knight Class
  • Musician Class
  • Hunter Class
  • Assassin Class

Never After Best Class

Assassins are the best class in the Never After game because it is very popular among the players. Another reason is its ability to cover distances in quick time. Assassins can also kill the enemy from a far distance.

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