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Play Together Exam Answer Guide (2022) – 100% Answers

If you are looking for Play together Exam Answers then you are at the right place, because we are providing an updated and new play-together Exam answer 2022 guide in this post.

Players can participate from all over the world in play together game. Players can also do some shopping through the game like shopping at the game plaza.

The play-together game was designed and developed by Haegin Co gaming company. Young and old, of all ages, can play this game, which allows gamers to select characters of their choice.

Let’s move quickly to play together the exam answer guide. If you want to play more action games then check our new and latest Heroes of Whitestone Tier List with the best heroes guide.

Play Together Exam Answers and Guide


Play-together exam answers will help players to get complete help for the short-duration exams. Using your legitimate Gmail account, you create a Google doc form. Over 20 multiple choice problems on themes varying from when Play School started to what color shoes Yeonie wears are included. Let’s move to answers

Play together question Play together answer
What is the Launch date of the play together? 13 April 2021
What is the time of class start in school? 9:00
What’s the Name of the mini-game in the picture? Wheel of Obstacles
Sika does not sell which of the following? Cafe Latte
Which of the items listed below may be obtained through Collection? Spicy Fish-shaped Rug Pastry
Fisher does not say which of the following. Sea fishing is distinctive
Which of the following products is the cheapest? Light Orange Mouse Hat
In the Camping Ground, which of the following fish does not appear? Clown Fish
A member of the Play Together team created the image below. What does this fish’s name mean? Goliath Tigerfish

Play Together Answers

play together exam answer

Q: What color are Yeonie’s shoes?

A: Green

Q: On the Forgotten Island, how many trees have been planted?

A: 20

Q: In the Connect Shapes class, you successfully linked 9 shapes. What would your grade be?

A: C+

Q: In Zombie Virus, how many items can you morph into?

A: 55

Play together a game info

Play together a casual game launched by HAEGIN company. 10M plus downloads of this game from the play store, and many more from the app store.

Also, check this video of play together if you are a newbie.


We have added the most important questions in this guide. Some of the questions may be missed but we believe these answers will provide assistance to players to pass the test. For future assistance, you can bookmark this page.

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