Realm Guardian Codes

Realm Guardian Codes

Hello and welcome again to apkbody. We are providing the latest Realm Guardians gift codes. Redeem these codes to get free gifts and rewards from the developers. Please note that Realm guardian codes are valid for a specific period of time. Specific players can use these codes. Redeem first and get money, gems, and coins.

Realm Guardian is available on play store for android users and also on the app store for iPhone users. It is a strategy game designed and developed by playwhale gaming company. Here are the realm guardian active codes to redeem in this month’s list.

Codes for Realm Guardian


Here is all active and working realm guardians’ codes list for 2022. All the available codes are given below.

mm6cf16d20: Redeem this code for free built-in game rewards.


im65f57cab : Redeem this code for free built-in game rewards.


yi6ed1ed28: Redeem this code for free built-in game rewards.


How to redeem codes of Realm Guardian

Follow these simple steps to redeem the realm guardian code

  1. On your smartphone, launch the Realm Guardian game.
  2. Now go to the home screen, and hit the event button.
  3. Now select the “Gift Code” option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Copy the code, in the enter gift code field, paste the supplied gift code.
  5. Click the exchange button.
  6. Enjoy free rewards.

Watch this video for codes and gameplay.

All codes for Realm Guardian

Realm guardian codes like cheat codes, gift codes, diamond codes, gems codes, and gift codes will be updated here with useful hacks.

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Realm Guardian: Description

Realm Guardian

Scoria has begun to take over the Realms, and the Guardians are being called to defend them. Play against your friends as you battle for control of the Realms!  Your job is to summon heroes, build towers, and cast spells to defeat the evil Scotians.

Choose your Realm and battle for control in this fast-paced strategy game! Manage resources, unlock achievements and send your friends gifts! Like Hero Star Power, developers have taken tower defence games to a whole new level with all-new features!

Download realm guardian for android


  • Realm Guardian is a game that you can use to build the skills you need to fight depression and improve your wellbeing.
  • The team of pets will go on a mission with you. You will train their various skills and use them to complete the missions successfully.
  • You can plan what skills you want your pets to learn, and send them on missions accordingly.
  • Each mission will take a certain amount of time to complete. You can try to speed up the mission by using different in-game items or virtual currency (called Realm Coins).

Player Reviews

Self-care is generally not high on my list, but the Guardians makes it easy for me to translate my addictive lizard brain behavior of playing phone games all of the time into a reason to do something else.

The Guardians is an excellent app for kicking your brain into starting positive habits. Self-care is generally not high on my list, but the Guardians makes it easy for my addictive lizard brain behavior.


How to get new codes of Realm guardian?

New realm guardians code is regularly updated on developers’ social media account like Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest. However, we will regularly update all codes here. So, stay tuned and save this page.

How to redeem the Realm guardian code?

The complete redemption method is given above. Follow those steps and activate codes.

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