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Rebirth Champions X Value List (Latest) – Pick the Best pets

Hatch new eggs by using the Rebirth Champions X value list and unlock pets. This rebirth champions x guide is for new and old players. Players will never lose by using our rebirth champions X value list.

Use endless new pets by using our new rebirth champions X Value List. New players lost sometimes, that’s why we are providing a Rebirth X value List to help the players.

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Why use Rebirth Champions X value List

It used to overview and analyze the new, best and rare pets in Roblox rebirth champions X (egg hunt) game. Updates of rebirth champions X value list will also be provided here whenever new updates will be released by developers.

Rebirth Champions X value list and Best pets

If you want a great start in Roblox rebirth champions X then this Rebirth champions X value list is for you. Try to get unique new pets by using this list.

The latest Rebirth Champions X Value List is now complete. If you want to get a head start and claim a unique pet, check out the list of Rebirth Champions X Codes below

The petNormalGoldenGalaxyToxicHatch %
10M Beas120000240,000960,000480,0000.00001
5M Immortal170,000340,000680,0001,360,0000.00001
Nuclear Lord90,000180,000720,000360,0000.00001
Magic Creature43,00086,000344,000172,0000.00001
Nuclear Overlord30,00060,000240,000120,0000.0002
10M Trophy25,00050,000100,000200,0000.0001
Fire Shard16,50033,500132,00066,000100%
Huge Robot12,00024,00096,00024,0000.00002%
Hacker Dragon11,00022,00088,00044,000100%

Rebirth Champions X pets

Here are some more rebirth champions X value and super best pets. Pick the best pets from theese rebirth champions codes and X values. Use these values for your best benefit and level up your gaming skills in the Rebirth champions game.

Best petNormalGoldenToxicGalaxyHatch %
Ice Dragon501002004000.08
Desert Monster30601202400.095
Sea Monster102040800.09
King Crab51020400.06

If you are using this list then also check rebirth champions X codes to go ahead in the game.

Codes of rebirth champions

Here are the active and working rebirth champions’ X codes for players to redeem in the game. get exclusive rewards by using these redeem codes. Cheat codes, gift codes, promo codes, and hacks of rebirth champions are also used.

  • 10mthanks: Redeem Rebirth Champions X Code for rewards
  • already1500likes: Use Rebirth Champions X Code for free gifts.
  • magic: Rebirth Champions X Code for reward.
  • freeclicksomg: Rebirth Champions X Code for the gift.
  • 5klikesthanks: Rebirth Champions X Cheat code for gifts.
  • RELEASE: Rebirth Champions X cheat for free clicks.
  • moon: Rebirth Champions X Code for free boosts  
  • thanks500likes: Use this Rebirth Champions X Code for free boosts
  • wow2500likes: Activate this Rebirth Champions X Code for free gifts by developers.

Redeem Method

  1. Open the Rebirth Champions X on your device.
  2. Now tap on the shop button from the home screen.
  3. Now copy the code and input it in the codes text section.
  4. Now confirm your code.
  5. Congrats, you get your rewards, and this will be added to our account.


What is rebirth champions X Wiki?

It is actually a Roblox game for android and IOS, in which players try to get pets by using the x values and lists.

Are there active rebirth champions X codes?

Yes, there are active and working codes of rebirth champions x. New codes are also released by developers on special occasions.

How to get rebirth champions X secrets?

Players can get secrets of rebirth champions x by using the redeem codes of this game. All codes are given in the article.

Please make sure to redeem all rebirth champions X codes as early as possible, because some of the codes may expire in the future.

This Rebirth champions list and codes will provide you with an enormous number of pets. Hope this article will accomplish your needs. If you still have further problems then you can comment below. Thanks for reading

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