Summertime Saga Cheat Codes – Get passwords and console

Summertime Saga cheat codes with passwords for android and console helps in the dating simulation game that features a modern style and a central theme. The player is the male protagonist, and the goal in the game is to discover the truth about his father’s death as he deals with his school environment, and his fiancees, and tries to find an exciting new relationship. The game is extremely well-known and has large popularity.

Summertime Saga unlocks all cheats so that it will modify the game according to your preference to make the game more enjoyable. If you’re looking to find Summertime Saga Cheats and Tricks of the game, you’re at the right spot. We offer the top Summertime Saga cheat codes.

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Advantage of summertime saga cheats


Summertime saga cheats help players get the desired rewards in the game. Summertime saga cheats are of different types. Here are the summertime saga’s latest cheat types

  1. Using the summertime saga cheat code
  2. Using summertime saga cheat engine
  3. using the summertime saga MOD menu
  4. Unlock the summertime saga with MOD APK
  5. Summertime saga PC console
  6. Activate the summertime saga console

Summertime Saga cheat codes and Passwords

  • Set Money: player.
  • To play with cheats, players must enable the console within the game.
  • Stat increase(+1, Max 10): Increasing stats through the console can cause issues since events won’t start (especially within the storyline), and these directions were taken away.


  • Roommate Computer: BAD MONSTER
  • TV Channel Sub: L6bv12R
  • TV Channel Pass: 12345

Activation in Console

  1. Navigate to the renpy folder and open the common folder from the main game directory.
  2. Now open notepad++ and locate the 00console. rpy file.
  3. Look for the line in the third step:
  4. # If true, the console is enabled regardless of the configuration. False for the developer.
  5. Next, change config.console = False to config.console = True in the code below.
  6. Save and close the file is the last step.
  7. To open the console in-game, hold down SHIFT + O.

To quit the terminal, type “exit” or right-click on it.

Summertime saga: Description

Story sets in a tiny suburb, where a young man who is just about to enter college is shocked by the sudden death of his dad. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his dad’s death are just one of the first steps in his adventure when he discovers that the father had owed money to a gang of criminals who were dangerous and shady.

Our hero has to save money to pay for his college tuition and find an appropriate date for prom night! Saga is an adult game funded by donations made on Patreon. 

Player Reviews

I love this game, and I am a fan of the storyline. I am rating 5 stars for this game.

The initial storyline is amazing and fascinating; however, later versions alter the plot to create Debie, her aunty, and there are loopholes within the tale. If you are lucky enough to play a game with an original story, you’ll love it.


How to download the summertime saga mod menu unlock?

It’s not just for Android, but you can legally download the game to other platforms like Windows, MAC, and Linux. Download the Summertime Saga file from any third-party site that you can trust. The download can take some time, depending on the game’s memory and the connection speed.

How to open the console on PC on Summertime Saga?

Here are some steps for this:

  • Firstly open the common folder from the main game directory, and navigate to the renpy folder.
  • Now open notepad++ and locate the 00console.rpy file.
  • Please look for the line:

# Even if config. the developer is False; the console is enabled if true.

  • Now Change config.console = Falseto config.console = Truein the line below.
  • Now save and exit the document.

How to open the console of the summertime saga on Android?

If you want to unlock hacks for Summertime Saga on Android, follow the methods below:

  • To access the blue developer menu, first, go to the phone menu and choose the network signal symbol.
  • The second step is to dismiss the text box by repeatedly pressing the Android Back button.
  • Now, in the top right, click the black icon ( just next to the exit button).
  • Please put your instructions into the console now that it is open.
  • Exit the Console screen once you’ve finished.

How many characters are there in summertime saga?

There are more than 60 characters in the game. You can choose from the given characters and enjoy the game with authority.


The game is hitting the seams, with a long content duration with layers upon layers of activity. You will be consumed and captivated by the storyline and characters. There’s a vast world of adventure available in the game that will inspire you to attempt to take a leap and stay.

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