Tales of Grimm Tier List – Best Heroes Guide

Go to adventure by using the Tales of Grimm Tier list with the best characters and heroes. Our tale of Grimm Tier list guide will help players to go ahead in the game by utilizing the best characters and heroes in the game. Tales of Grimm is a strategy game designed and developed by Tapplus.

Players will try to set the hero formation process by the continuous game from the phone until they become stronger and get treasure gifts. In Tales of Grimm, game players will also experience the land with the best heroes.

Tales of Grimm Tier list – Best Heroes and Characters

Tales of grim Tier list with names like the guardian, warriors, Mage, and support are given in our latest tales of Grimm tier list. Please note that this Tier List is based on our personal opinion. Also check Chrono Legacy Tier List.

Tales of Grimm Tier List – Warriors

Here are the tales of Grimm heroes tier list with names for android and IOS.

Blade GinaTier 2
Prince CharmTier 1
Red QueenTier 2
Glade LaddinTier 2
WukongTier 2
Fencer PedroTier 2
Quickcut PinnoTier 2
Swift AliTier 3
Princess OpheliaTier 4
GerdeTier 4

Please Note the heroes’ strength and Tier numbers, which are given below.

  • Tier 1: OP Character list
  • Tier 2: Best Characters list
  • Tier 3: Good heroes list
  • Tier 4: Descent Heroes list
  • Tier 5: Not worthy


Here is the Tales of Grim Guardian characters tier list with the best formation of heroes.

Dark KnightTier 2
Quasi MortalTier 2
TritonTier 2
FedernTier 3
Bean SageTier 4
Hans in LuckTier 5
HookhandTier 5
ShahryarTier 1

Tales of Grimm Mage List

  • Wonder Allish–Tier 1
  • Raven Maal–Tier 3
  • Carabosse–Tier 3
  • Bunny Bride –Tier 2
  • Queen Lilith –Tier 2
  • Raven Irene–Tier 2
  • Britney –Tier 3
  • Emerald Mage–Tier 4
  • Cindy’s Stepmother–Tier 3
  • Wicked Hag–Tier 4
  • Goddess Bella–Tier 4

What is Tales Of Grimm Reddit Tier list?

Here are another Tales of Grim new tier list from Reddit, that you can use to select the best heroes and characters in the game. This tier list consists of Tales of Grimm comps, build, and best formation of characters. Here are the Tales of Grim latest Reddit Tier.

Players will form the best team after utilizing the best heroes and characters of Tales of grim. The tales of Grimm apk for android and IOS is available on the play store and app store from where players can download and then use our best characters guide to go to the next level in the game.

Tales of grimm tier list

Tales of Grimm Codes

Here are some of the tales of grimm codes.


Tales of Grimm Update

  • The “Carnation Pageant” skin collection will be available shortly! Share and discuss this new collection in the comments section below! We’ll choose five lucky dreamers from the comments and send you wonderful goodies.
  • Excite yourself by improving your heroes. Equip your heroes with treasures and watch them become stronger by the minute.
  • The sixth round of our “Who would you pick?” contest pits two of the most popular heroes against each other. Who would you choose for your main team if you only had one option?

Will you choose the lovely Wonder Allish or your Highness Dark Queen?

We have explained the tales of Grimm’s best characters and Gift codes guide. Hope you will pick the best heroes from our latest Tales of Grimm tier lists. If you want more tier lists, then bookmark our site for further updates.

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