Evolve Stage 2 Tier List

The Evolve Stage 2 Tier List 2023

If you are looking for the Evolve Stage 2 Tier list then you are at the right place. This list focuses on solo players, the best consistent characters, and the best matchups in the game. The list also explores the best monsters and hunters in the game.

Evolve Stage 2 Tier List (Best Monsters and Hunters)

Gather 3 companions and go demon hunting, or pursue poor humans as an ever-evolving beast. Regardless of which side you select, you will have access to strong weapons and skills that will provide balanced, aggressive action.

Our list covers the evolve stage 2 hunter and monster best characters in the game. Establish you’re the top predator in innovative 4v1 battles, advance your accounts and characters, and rule the far-off world of Sheer.

Evolve Stage 2 Hunter Tier List

The following is the most recent Evolve Stage 2 Hunter tier list:

S Hunter TierElectro Griffin, Parnell, Paladin Parnell, Sunny, Hank, Emet, Griffin
A Hunter TierCaira, Val, Bucket, Abe, Crow, Rogue Val, Lennox, Hyde
B TierTorvald, Renegade Abe, Tech sgt. Hank, Markov, Blitz Markov, Slim, Maggie, Jack, Quantum Caira
C TierCabot, Wasteland Maggie, Lazarus, Kala, Battle Cabot

You may disagree with us about the tier list. However, this tier list will help you achieve high game levels.

Monster Tier List

S Monster TierKraken, Meteor Goliath, Goliath
A Monter TierGorgon, Elder Kraken, Glacial Behemoth, Behemoth
B TierWraith

Features of Evolve Stage 2 Game

  • Gather three pals, go on a monster hunt, or stalk poor humans as an ever-evolving beast.
  • You are the boss in battle as the monster – the lone predator.
  • Use your ferocious talents and animalistic intuition to create havoc, slaughter humanity, and establish yourselves as the dominant species.
  • Pick good hunters based on your playing style. Every job is important, and collaboration is essential in surviving an encounter with the monster, whether you play as the Trapper, Support, Assault, or Medic.
  • Gain experience to get access to new upgrades, skins, and benefits for your preferred class: hunter or monster. Gain notoriety on the board.

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