The Legend of Neverland Tier List (NEW) – Best Characters

If you are a Legend of Neverland lover looking for The Legend of Neverland Tier list with the best characters and weapons, then you are at the right place. Try our latest the Legend of Neverland weapon Tier list, in which we arranged the characters according to their best skill level. The Legend of Neverland Character list has been adjusted and updated to rank the finest characters for the newest season.

Legend of Neverland is a role-playing game developed by Ark Games Global and available to download for android users on Playstore and app store for IOS users. Knowing which characters are at the top will be quite useful. However at the initial stage, the meta is still growing, but understanding which characters carry the greatest punch is crucial.

In this The Legend of Neverland tier list we have listed and ranked all the best characters. Let’s move quickly to the tier list.

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The Legend of Neverland Tier List – Best Characters

Our Legend of Neverland Tier list consists of S Tier, A Tier, and B Tier.

  • S Tier: These flower fairy characters outshine all other soldiers in terms of power and utility thanks to their remarkable abilities.
  • A Tier: Tier A’s middle-of-the-road, competent Legend of Neverland flower fairies are adequate. They are, however, not as powerful as S-tier characters.
  • B Tier: Tier B has the characters with the lowest performance and competence in The Legend of Neverland game.

The Legend of Neverland S Tier List

Legend of Neverland S tier

S tiers in the legend of Neverland game are the best and most powerful.

Flower Fairy Element Classification Role Performance
Chestnut Rose Fire Pierce/DPS Chestnut can withstand mild AOE damage and can follow the master without creating any problems.
Lycorisradiata Earth Damage Dealer/Group Attacker This flower fairy is adept at dealing with crowds.
Twin Lotus Sacred Supporter/DPS Twin Lotus can provide tremendous AOE damage with the most effective strikes in the smallest area.
Erythrina Fire Crush/Attacker Enhance the master’s crush effect when providing significant PVP damage to the adversary.
Iris Water Crit Type The ideal unit to utilise during PVE and the early phases of PVP.

The Legend of Neverland Tier A

Legend of neverland A Tier

These are the second-best characters in the game. However, these are also skillful and can do a great job.

Flower Fairy Element Role Classification  Performance
Ajisai Water Damage Dealer, Group Attack The most effective unit for both damage induction and damage buffering.
Candock Water Damage Reduction/Defense Candock is a good support unit due to his expertise in healing and damage absorption.
Scabish Earth Defense/Group Attack Scabish, the game’s mascot, deals a lot of damage to the enemies.
Marigold Earth Attack/DPS Excellent as a source of harm and an enhancer of attribute damage.
Camellia Wind Movement Speed/Group Attack One of the greatest flower fairies, has a strong attack against opponents.

The Legend of Neverland Tier List B Tier

Legend of neverland B tier

B Tier is the lowest-ranked character in The Legend of Neverland Tier list. If you are a starter then you should avoid it.

Flower Fairy  Element Classification  Performance
Balloon Flower Wind Control/Attack AOE damage is mainly dealt to balloon Flower.
Anthurium Fire HP Can deliver reasonable damage to adversaries, boost attack power, and follow the master.
Lindsay Wind Attacker Following the master to deal with the harm of opponents and enhance the damage.

Legend of Neverland weapon, flower fairy, and wiki tier Tier list is the most important heroes and characters in the game. may change this Tier list in the future due to the launch of new heroes.

The legend of neverland Tier characters is very important for beginners. New gamers can get help from our best legend neverland characters.

Best Characters in The Legend of Neverland

We feel that a limited group of The Legend of Neverland characters has risen above the others. Iris and Chestnut Rose are the flowers you use first. You may unlock these two characters while playing the game since they are quite useful.

Legend of Neverland Release Date

The worldwide version of The Legend of Neverland is available on Google Play and the App Store as of September 2022. You may also get it by requesting a CD Key from the official website.


Hope you will achieve select the best heroes and characters by using our The legend of never land heroes list. For more legends of neverland updates bookmark apkbody. You can comment below if you face any problems.

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