[NEW] Tower of Fantasy Character Customization Codes

If you are a Tower of Fantasy lover and want to customize the game’s characters, then you are at the right place. In this tower of fantasy guide, we have explained the Tower of Fantasy customization codes.

Tower of Fantasy character customization and the creation process is not very difficult. One of Tower of Fantasy’s most vital role-playing features has always been character building. The character development method in Tower of Fantasy is shockingly faster than in other role-playing games.

Tower of fantasy character creation is an essential element of the game. You can also customize the character automatically. There is also an option to use Tower of Fantasy customization codes to integrate customized characters into the game.

Latest Tower of Fantasy Character Customization Codes


You have to enter the code according to the correct gender. Male and Female are the two genders. If you enter the wrong gender, the code may not work for you.

Tower of Fantasy Character Tower of Fantasy Character Code
Asuka Langley Soryu (Female) 160906

Sakurajima Mai (Female)

Aether Lumine (Female) 248426
Kaneki Ken (Male) 199485
Uzumaki Naruto (Male) 1968448


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Redeem Method

  1. Start the Tower of Fantasy game.
  2. Select the Import option in the bottom-left corner of the character creation screen.
  3. Input the code for the character look you wish to use and confirm.

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How to Preload Custom Character in Tower of Fantasy?

  • On the game’s starting screen, select the Pre-set Look option to access the character customization page.
  • After you’ve finished your character, click the Complete button to store your character’s appearance.
  • After completing the lesson and reaching the character customization page, a message appears saying you have presets at your disposal. Import right now? “will appear
  • To utilize your character preset, click OK.


That’s all about the Tower of Fantasy character customization codes and guides. If you have any questions related to TOF, you can comment below. You can bookmark apkbody for more TOF updates and directions.

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