Tower of Fantasy Door Code List | Passwords For Navia Truck Door

Are you searching for the Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck door password? This guide covered all the mandatory details of the TOF door code to open truck locks in the Navia game area.

There are many types of codes in Tower of Fantasy. Conventional and electronic doors operate only once a password is entered. Some codes are complex to open, while some are easy to open. It would help if you solved puzzles to figure out some codes.

In this guide, we provide the password for Navia by which you can unlock or open truck doors in the Navia region. You can also check the Figure Fantasy Tier list with the best characters in the game.

Tower of Fantasy Door Codes and Password Guide

This vehicle estimated locations in Navia’s northwest area are -648.3 and -845.1. The supplied Tower of Fantasy door code suggestion is as described in the following: “And first and second digits are the same, as are the third and fourth digits; the third digit is one larger than the second digit.”

Inside the truck is a Type I Supply Pod with Navia Exploration Points x10, Gold x220, EXP x3,702, Dark Crystal x20, and Black Nucleus x1.

If you are still unable to locate the Tower of Fantasy door password, below is a list of electronic lock passwords for the door.


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Hope you will achieve your target after using the tower of fantasy door passwords and device passwords guide. If you love TOF, use the best Foods in Tower of Fantasy and become a champion of this game. You can comment below if you have any questions related to TOF passwords and codes.

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