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[NEW] Tower of Fantasy Tier list 2022 | Pick Best heroes

Welcome to apkbody again and check Tower of Fantasy Tier list for best heroes. Try our latest tower of fantasy guide in which we arranged the best heroes in the tower of fantasy game. It is a role-playing game designed and developed by Level Infinite. Explore a large exoplanet environment with stunning open views and massive futurist architecture in the tower of fantasy game.

For new players, it is difficult for new players to keep a record of heroes. To make things simple and easy we are providing a tower of fantasy tier list which will show the importance of each character and hero.

The best characters in the tower of fantasy tier list are important to succeed in the game, without further duo let’s move to it so that players can get a lot of free resources.

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Latest Tower of Fantasy Tier List


The Tower of Fantasy Tier List is based on the character’s performance in many sectors. There are four levels on the tier list: S, A, B, and C. Tier B and C characters are the most important and will help players to go ahead in the game.

Tower of fantasy tier list

Tower of fantasy S tier List

  • Meryl
  • Cobalt B-SSR
  • Samir

Tower of fantasy A tiers

  • Karasuma-SSR
  • Claudia-SSR
  • Xi – SR
  • Cocoritter – SSR

B Tier

  • Huma – SSR
  • Zero – SSR
  • Hane-SSR)

Tower of fantasy C Tier List

  • Peppa – SR
  • Bai Ling – SR
  • Shiro

D Tier

  • Hilda – SR
  • Manaka – SR

You can get offical details from tower fantasy site.

Tower of Fantasy System Requirements

Tower of fantasy does not need high specs on PC or android or IOS. Here are the tower of Fantasy system requirements for android, IOS and PC.

Android: Kirin 710 or Snapdragon 660

IOS: Minimum requirement is of iPhone 7

iPAD: Minimum requirement is of iPad Air os 2nd Generation.

PC: Minimum windows of winow 7.1 or 8

Tower of Fantasy Release date

Tower of fantasy was released in 16 December 2021. Tencent told potential players on March 18, 2022, that Tower of Fantasy was ready for a global release. While the registration for beta version of tower of fantasy also started.

Resource depletion and a shortage of energy have caused humans to abandon Earth and relocate to Aida, a beautiful and livable extraterrestrial world, in Tower of Fantasy. There, they found an undiscovered yet strong force dubbed “Omnium” trapped in the comet Mara.

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Hope this tower of fantasy tier list guide with system requirements will help you in achieving your gaming targets. If you face any problems comment below.

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